War Room Ep. 13 — March 5, 2019

War Room Ep. 13


🚨Episode 13 is out🚨

Catch us on your favorite podcast app or the link below! Albert and Rich discuss the good/bad from the Commanders win of the Iron, and preview this weeks matchup against the Hotshots. #takecommand



The War Room Ep:8 VICTORY SUNDAY!! — February 10, 2019

The War Room Ep:8 VICTORY SUNDAY!!

Albert and Rich go over the experience of the first game of the AAF in the Alamo Dome and share thoughts/insights on the overall game play of the Commanders. Special shout out to listener Dirk and his family for their tailgate hospitality. Be sure to follow The War Room we are on twitter,instagram, and facebook @TheWarRoomSA

Also stick around after the credits where Albert’s better half details her experience with the first Commanders game, and how happy she is to meet our listeners.

The War Room Bonus Episode! — February 8, 2019

The War Room Bonus Episode!

The War Room was able to be apart of the press conference in the Alamo Dome where co founders Charlie Ebersol & Bill Polian talk about the AAF itself and the caliber of talent and people who put this league together. Also both speak highly of the City of San Antonio and how much the Commanders and Fleet game means to the overall success of the AAF. Ebersol also talks about the tech/app innovation and how it will set them apart from previous spring league attempts. Ebersol was a little under the weather but was a trooper and even helped with our intro!

The War Room Episode: 7 — February 3, 2019

The War Room Episode: 7

Albert and Rich bring you a little bit of league news including new broadcasting partners. Review of some stand out stats from the Commanders Vs Legends scrimmage, Thoughts on the final 52 man roster who were surprised cuts. Preview into the week 1 match up against the Fleet. Also stick around towards the end for a brief interview with Commanders CB Zack Sanchez. You can now find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook via @TheWarRoomSA we also Revamped the website and completed the transition from 210blits to the NEW TheWarRoomSA.com There you can find all episodes previous and current conveniently archived.

The War Room Episode: 6 — February 1, 2019

The War Room Episode: 6

Albert and Rich breakdown the latest news around the league as well as news for the Commanders. Even MORE sponsorship news with the Commanders. Rich goes over his experience with his first time being part of training camp in the Alamo Dome and his experience at the Tailgate event! Albert breaks down the players that stood out in the joint practice with the Atlanta Legends. Be sure to stay up to date with the podcast on twitter/insta @TheWarRoomSA. Also shout out to listener BRUCE who won our WAR ROOM Tee!

The War Room Episode: 5 — January 18, 2019

The War Room Episode: 5

Albert and Rich discuss news about Commanders recent partnership with HEB, and player impressions with training camp. Stick around till the end of this episode for an exclusive War Room Interview with Commanders RB Trey Williams. Be sure to keep up to date with the podcast and get the best video footage out of camp at @TheWarRoomSA.

Ticket Prices Released for Commanders — October 16, 2018

Ticket Prices Released for Commanders

Various early season ticket holders were treated to an email showing detailed ticket prices for AAF teams around the league. We have your first look at the Commanders ticket prices below! Looks like fans will truly get the most bang for their buck at the Alamo Dome. Let us know what you think about the ticket prices! Be sure to keep up to date on Commanders news by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Screenshot credit via twitter: Leebo @mindfinger img_1409-1

SA Alliance Announce Official Team Name: San Antonio Commanders — September 25, 2018

SA Alliance Announce Official Team Name: San Antonio Commanders

The SA Alliance and AAF have officially announced the Commanders to be the official team name for San Antonio. The AAF wanted the team names within the league to be representative of the spirit of the cities and their inhabitants. Going with Commanders makes sense due to San Antonio having the Alamo and other missions throughout its infrastructure alongside various military bases. I was thinking the AAF was leaning towards the Defenders for the name, but Commanders has a nice ring to it as well. I also may be very biased in this case, but I dig the logo with the Alamo in the background, saber, and lone star representing Texas. Keep an eye out for when they drop the official gear for the team!

The AAF had announced the name and logo via Twitter below, and also posted an official video via YouTube:

Intro: SA Commanders Head Coach Mike Riley — September 15, 2018

Intro: SA Commanders Head Coach Mike Riley

This past June Mike Riley was announced as the head coach for the San Antonio Commanders. Coach Riley’s resume consists of various coaching success at the college level, a brief stint in the NFL, and ties to a previous pro football team in San Antonio.

The SA Commanders is not the first time Riley has held a coaching job for a pro football team in San Antonio. Riley was once the head coach for the San Antonio Riders that were part of the now-defunct WLAF league. The San Antonio Riders only stuck around form 1991-1992 not being able to gain much success with the WLAF venture. The Riders would later be moved to the CFL ending their short time in San Antonio with a record of 11-9 under coach Riley.

Riley had a brief stint in the NFL as Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers from 1999-2001, he was not able to garner the same amount of success he had at the collegiate level and would return to Oregon State University for the second time in 2003. Riley’s most successful head coaching tenure would be here with Oregon State from 2003-2014. Riley was able to take Oregon State to 8 bowl game appearances with a record of 6-2. Riley would go on to hold the record for Oregon State as the most winningest head coach with 93 total wins.

Coach Riley brings a stout resume that boasts of experience within the professional and collegiate levels of football to the San Antonio Commanders team. Only time will tell if all his past success will transition to a fruitful career in San Antonio.

What is the AAF? — September 1, 2018

What is the AAF?

With the NFL’s final roster cuts coming this Saturday up to 1,184 players from all 32 teams will be left without jobs over the weekend. A new opportunity to keep these players in the states and still in an organized professional football league will come in the form of the AAF.

The Alliance of American Football or AAF is a new professional league that will start its inaugural season the week after the NFL’s Superbowl LIII in February 2019. The AAF currently consists of 8 teams that are playing in the following cities: Atlanta GA, Birmingham AL, Memphis TN, Orlando FL, Tempe AZ, Salt Lake City UT, San Antonio TX, and San Diego CA. The AAF is not trying to be a direct competitor of the NFL, but more of a supplemental league similar to the minor leagues for the majors in baseball. Not only will the league be giving players that were undrafted/cut a second chance, but it will also be a solution to the demand for more football once the NFL season ends for fans.

Unique League Rules

First off there are no kickoffs in the AAF. Every offensive possession starts on their own 25-yard line. Onside kicks are also done away with and instead after scoring the offense can choose to take the ball on their own 35-yard line in a 4th and 10 situation. If the offense can convert, then they keep on with possession, if not the opposing team takes over on the failed conversion spot. There are no extra points after scoring; only option is going for a 2 point conversion. Replays are limited to 2 per team and are initiated by a coach’s challenge. The play clock will be 30seconds instead of the NFL standard of 40.

Player Experience

The AAF is advocating bringing more incentives to its players in the form of bonuses. They have a unique twist when it comes to a players performance, and can pay out incentives to players who stood out in the stat columns despite a team loss. Player contracts will be worth $250,000 each for three years non-guaranteed, and if a player is called up to the NFL, they can leave at the end of the season. The league will also offer all players post-secondary scholarships to assist with life after football. When it comes to concussion and injury protocol, the AAF will use an independent organization that will examine players.

Fan Experience

The primary focus for the AAF on the fan experience side is making it affordable. The league is proposing a $35 “Quality Ticket.” There will be cheaper ticket options, but with the Quality Ticket fans can expect to be seated between the 20-yard lines. Focusing on the more bang for your buck experience the AAF will also be proposing valued concessions to make it more cost efficient for the family’s grabbing meals and drinks at the games. When the league launches, CBS will have the rights to broadcast all games as part of their long-term contract with the AAF. The league is wanting to have no TV timeouts and fewer commercials with an overall focus on a game-time of just 2.5 hours. The AAF will also have an Alliance app which will include integrated fantasy football, the ability to watch games streamed to the app, and also offer in-app rewards to fans.

The AAF is aiming to bring a change to the way football is experienced with fans and players. Whether or not if the league will bring new standards into the way we consume football will remain to be seen. Until then let’s sit back enjoy the fact that we will have more football once the NFL season ends.

*To reserve season tickets and more info on the AAF visit http://www.aaf.com

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