War Room Episode: 12 — February 27, 2019

War Room Episode: 12


Albert and Rich discuss the good/bad from the Commanders lackluster performance in week 3. And changes that need to be made ahead of the week 4 matchup between the undefeated Iron.


Name Change/Transition — January 26, 2019

Name Change/Transition

Hello, to everyone who has supported the 210blitz blog. We would like to announce that we are in the process of moving everything over to rebrand our name alongside our Flagship podcast that covers all things Commanders Football. To stay up to date with the latest news and videos from camp follow us on twitter/instagram @TheWarRoomSA. Currently in the process of trying to get the Facebook page so bare with us. Thank you for all your support! You can find the podcast on the apple podcast app, google music/podcast, and other various apps just Search The War Room!3 (1)

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