The War Room Ep:8 VICTORY SUNDAY!! — February 10, 2019

The War Room Ep:8 VICTORY SUNDAY!!

Albert and Rich go over the experience of the first game of the AAF in the Alamo Dome and share thoughts/insights on the overall game play of the Commanders. Special shout out to listener Dirk and his family for their tailgate hospitality. Be sure to follow The War Room we are on twitter,instagram, and facebook @TheWarRoomSA

Also stick around after the credits where Albert’s better half details her experience with the first Commanders game, and how happy she is to meet our listeners.

The War Room Bonus Episode! — February 8, 2019

The War Room Bonus Episode!

The War Room was able to be apart of the press conference in the Alamo Dome where co founders Charlie Ebersol & Bill Polian talk about the AAF itself and the caliber of talent and people who put this league together. Also both speak highly of the City of San Antonio and how much the Commanders and Fleet game means to the overall success of the AAF. Ebersol also talks about the tech/app innovation and how it will set them apart from previous spring league attempts. Ebersol was a little under the weather but was a trooper and even helped with our intro!

The War Room Episode: 7 — February 3, 2019

The War Room Episode: 7

Albert and Rich bring you a little bit of league news including new broadcasting partners. Review of some stand out stats from the Commanders Vs Legends scrimmage, Thoughts on the final 52 man roster who were surprised cuts. Preview into the week 1 match up against the Fleet. Also stick around towards the end for a brief interview with Commanders CB Zack Sanchez. You can now find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook via @TheWarRoomSA we also Revamped the website and completed the transition from 210blits to the NEW There you can find all episodes previous and current conveniently archived.

The War Room Episode: 6 — February 1, 2019

The War Room Episode: 6

Albert and Rich breakdown the latest news around the league as well as news for the Commanders. Even MORE sponsorship news with the Commanders. Rich goes over his experience with his first time being part of training camp in the Alamo Dome and his experience at the Tailgate event! Albert breaks down the players that stood out in the joint practice with the Atlanta Legends. Be sure to stay up to date with the podcast on twitter/insta @TheWarRoomSA. Also shout out to listener BRUCE who won our WAR ROOM Tee!

The War Room Episode: 5 — January 18, 2019

The War Room Episode: 5

Albert and Rich discuss news about Commanders recent partnership with HEB, and player impressions with training camp. Stick around till the end of this episode for an exclusive War Room Interview with Commanders RB Trey Williams. Be sure to keep up to date with the podcast and get the best video footage out of camp at @TheWarRoomSA.

War Room Episode 4: Out Now! — January 17, 2019

War Room Episode 4: Out Now!

Hosts Albert and Richard Discuss the training camp experience and players that stood out during camp. Also discuss the event between the Commanders and Alamo Beer CO. Plus the two official Commander Beers that were unveiled. Also a little bit of league news as well as Commander news/updates. Follow the podcast on twitter to stay up to date with the latest news, pics, and videos of all things Commanders. Twitter @TheWarRoomSA

Episode 3 Out Now! — December 18, 2018

Episode 3 Out Now!

New Episode of The War Room Podcast is now out. And is available on Apple podcasts, Google Music, and Stitcher!

Albert And Rich Go over some news within the league and for the Commanders. The overall experience of the season ticket holders event, more hype to the ever growing Commanders & Fleet rivalry. Also breakdown of what RBs will be the top 3 that the commanders will take. You can check it out below!!!!
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The War Room Episode: 2 — December 7, 2018

The War Room Episode: 2

Host Albert Breaks down the names and people behind the AAF as well as what fans can expect from this league. We had various new fans and friends reach out to us wanting to know more about the league the SA Commanders are apart of. So we decided to make an informative episode to help address these questions. Be sure to keep up to date with the podcast by following us on twitter @TheWarRoomSA and @210Blitz FB 210 Blitz

The War Room Episode: 1 — November 30, 2018

The War Room Episode: 1


Hosts Albert and Richard discuss the AAF QB Draft, the picks for the SA Commanders, uniform reveals, and Jersey sales info!

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