Write for the War Room!


The War Room Sports Network is looking for passionate fans who are interested in covering their favorite sports teams. We are currently just looking for NFL, and NCAA football writers at the moment. We plan to cover more sports as the site grows, but for now we will just be focused on the above two. Your role as a writer will require you to write 1-3 articles a week. Articles can cover things like think pieces, rumor, trades, injury, team news, and anything else that primarily relates to the team of your choosing.

We originally started off as a podcast (The War Room) where we covered all things AAF San Antonio Commanders Football which was made up of myself Albert Delgado III and Richard Cano. With this opportunity we had direct media access to the team/players, and were able to get a following of 600+ on twitter and 300+ via facebook. The podcast itself had over 3k  unique downloads total. Unfortunately the AAF went on to be dissolved before finishing a full season. This left the podcast in limbo, so rather than throw our hard work away we are taking a stab at giving other fellow fans like ourselves the opportunity to branch out into sports writing with the War Room Sports Network. If you want to be apart of this new venture, and get your writing out on the web and noticed then fill out the form below to apply for a writing position with us!

Why the name War Room? Easy…The term War Room has always been a part of various professional sports teams and is where the teams staff come together to discuss the big decisions that will effect their organization. We want to get voices of other fans and aspiring writers a platform to give some fresh takes in the sporting world. We are not wanting a TMZ based style of coverage, just something that every fan can relate to and still be entertained in some aspect!

***This position is not paid and is strictly pro bono. We still have the social media following, and are happy to help provide a platform for those who want to flesh out their writing in the sports industry, and at the same time give an opportunity to put a voice out there for perhaps a future career. Must be 18 or older***